Worksploring Travel

Welcome to Worksploring Travel.

Worksploring Travel offers travel services with more of a hands on experience. Specializing in
working and extended vacations, we help you plan and book unforgettable experiences that
make it easy and safe to work remotely.

Some remote workers prefer an upscale adventure, and for those with discerning taste
we offer Worksploring Luxe, a white glove travel advisory service for those who want to
worksplore in style. Whether you prefer private transfers, five star hotels, or unique excursions,
our Luxe team is here to ensure all of your travel plans are taken care of.

Remote Expertise

With Worksploring Travel, you don’t have to choose between a dream vacation and seamless remote work. We orchestrate the perfect harmony, ensuring your work and leisure blend seamlessly into an unforgettable experience.

Whether you crave the serenity of secluded beaches, the adrenaline rush of adventure activities, or the cultural richness of local communities, we curate a journey that resonates with your soul. Worksploring Travel isn’t just about travel, it’s about catering to your lifestyle. One where work and vacation coexist in perfect harmony, enriching both your professional and personal journeys.

Personal Service

Ready for the freedom of remote work with the indulgences of a nice vacation? Worksploring Travel caters to the discerning remote professional who values both productivity and unparalleled experiences.  Our well-seasoned travel advisors, experts in the art of curating bespoke workcations, understand that remote work can coincide with life changing travel.

Worksploring differently means experiencing the world on your terms. With Worksploring Travel, you can elevate your remote work experience while avoiding the headaches that accompany remote work.

Custom Experiences

Forget the stress of planning, booking, and coordinating. We handle it all, from visas and flights to workspace setups and activity reservations. You simply show up, plug in, and enjoy the freedom and fulfillment of remote work without the limitations.

Imagine collaborating with colleagues in Paris, ideas flowing freely against the backdrop of the Eiffel Tower. Sounds idyllic, right? But the logistics of remote work abroad can be daunting. Worksploring Travel helps create custom itineraries and experiences. Every travel experience should be designed to fit your needs.

Why Use Worksploring Travel?


With relationships all over the world and alignment with some of the most bespoke travel providers and tour operators, Worksploring Travel is more than just a remote work option. We ensure that your Worksploring is high touch and worry free.


Our travel advisors have years of experience and are well travelled. Experience means knowing what not to do in many instances, and it means special attention to the details. Like any investment, an expert can help ensure a better return.

Peace of Mind

Travel can be complex and like anything else in life, access to an expert can make all the difference. Worksploring Travel saves clients time and headaches by doing the legwork for you.

How to get in touch.

The form above is the best way to engage one of our specialists. Tell us a little about what you are looking for and someone will reach out to you to find out more.

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