Worksploring Perks

We are building out our Worksploring Perks program which will launch 2024. As we look to bring all things remote into one place, we feel that members should be able to save some money with our partners. Whether you prefer private transfers, five star hotels, or unique excursions, our Luxe team is here to ensure all of your travel plans are taken care of.

What is Worksploring Perks?

Worksploring Perks is like most other programs that offer a collection of discounts and special deals only for members. Worksploring Perks will likely include great deals on the things remote workers and digital nomads need, like places to stay, travel gear and electronics, as well as gadgets and miscellaneous services. Stay tuned as we continue to build out the program and expand our number of partners.

Can we participate in the Perks Program or can we recommend a partner?

If you are interested in partnering with Worksploring or would like us to reach out to a partner, drop us a line anytime and include as much detailed information as you can.

Is there a cost for Worksploring Perks?

Currently, we plan to include Worksploring Perks with all paid memberships. This may however change over time as we try to optimize the value we bring our members.

When will Worksploring Perks be live?

We are currently targeting second quarter of 2024 to introduce the program, but you know how things are. We may launch earlier or there could be delays. We appreciate your patience and understanding in the meantime.

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