Why a positive remote culture is like a good long-distance relationship. 💏

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio

I am probably a better remote team building advisor than a relationship coach buuuut let me tell you THIS: I strongly believe that a committed remote culture can outperform every office culture (…or relationship). 💪

Because it is about creating something intentionally that you would expect to just happen naturally in an office setting. 👔

While in a ‘short distance relationship’ you might end up taking something / or someone for granted because you expect it to ‘just flow’ as it’s always been around anyway. 👣

That doesn’t work for long-distance though. HERE you constantly have to invest & nurture the bonding to make it work. 👩‍💻

So here are my six top tips to help your remote team (…or relationship) build a company culture stronger than wifi 🔋 :

1. You need some ground rules 👩‍⚖️

Flexibility requires commitment. Freedom only works when you can trust that your team partner shares your mission & values and is wholeheartedly committed to making this work.

2. You need to make quality time ⏳

While you just casually have a watercooler chat with someone in the office or a ‘Netflix’n’Chill’ with your partner after a long day at work, you have to intentionally set up virtual coffee meetups, adjust agendas and plan activities upfront. Yet, intentional activities help you to be more present, mindful and appreciative of the time you spend together.

3. Communication is everything. 👁️‍🗨️

Facing challenges like async time zones, cultural differences and different ways of dealing with problems need to be efficiently communicated to avoid any misunderstandings or frustrations about not hearing back from the other.

4. Camera on. 🎥

The more senses & non-verbal cues (text < voice < video) we can share with a partner, the more connected we feel.

5. You need to trust each other. 🤜🤛

Any good relationship is based on trust. If you can’t trust an employee to work because they’re not in the same room as you, then you either have trust issues, or a reason to mistrust. Talk about this and tackle the issue head on.

6. The best connections are still made offline. 🔕


While regular online catch-ups are crucial for ‘keeping the vibes alive’, they make an essential add-on but they are not a substitute for some real life interaction.

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