Valley, Anguilla



September 19, 2023

Anguilla is an ideal destination for digital nomads looking for a peaceful and beautiful place to work and live. With its stunning beaches, crystal clear waters, and lush tropical vegetation, Anguilla is a paradise for those seeking a tranquil and inspiring environment. The island is also known for its low cost of living, with the average monthly rent for a one-bedroom apartment costing just $1,000 USD. Additionally, Anguilla is a tax haven, meaning digital nomads can save money on taxes while living and working on the island. The country also offers excellent internet speeds, with an average download speed of 15.7 Mbps, making it easy to stay connected and productive. Anguilla is also a great place to explore, with plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy, such as snorkeling, sailing, and hiking. With its stunning natural beauty, low cost of living, and excellent internet speeds, Anguilla is an ideal destination for digital nomads looking for a peaceful and inspiring place to work and live.

Living in Valley, Anguilla: Overview

Overall score | Worksplorer index

  • 12%

    Quality of life
  • 82%

    Cost of living
  • 71%

  • 73%




Currency XCD
Population (in millions)0.1
Quality of life (world rank from 1 to 200)199
Cost of living compared to Chicago, USAApproximately 4 times more expensive
Best neighborhood to stayThe Valley, Anguilla

Number of museums and galleries0
Top selling local beerBanks
Most popular local dishStewed conch

Most popular tourist attraction(s)Shoal Bay Beach, Rendezvous Bay Beach, Sandy Ground Village
Discount airlineCaribbean Airlines
Major airlineAnguilla Air Express
Largest ride sharing companyBolt
Primary train stationsThe Valley, Blowing Point, and Stoney Ground
Primary airportsWallblake Airport, Clayton J. Lloyd International Airport, Valley Airport
Best rental car companyHertz
Used car costs25000 USD

Apple store addresses Apple Store Anguilla does not exist
Internet connection (in Mbps)10 Mbps
Power socket typeA, B, G
Supply voltage 110V
Best electronics storeAmazon
Best internet carrierDigicel
Primary cellular carrierDigicel
Average monthly cost for internet$90 USD

The best drug storePharmacy
Best restaurant chainStraw Hat
The best grocery storeSuperFoods
The most popular fashion brandTommy Hilfiger

GDP per capita$25,845 / year
Average annual income$37000
Sales tax rate0%
Income tax rate0%
Tourist visa valid (in days)30

Average mortgage rate8.5%
Suggested ATM take out100 USD
Bank that has the most ATM machinesScotiabank
Average tip in restaurant15%
Pay using credit or debit cardNot very common

Emergency Phone Numbers911 (general), 911 (police), 911 (ambulance), 911 (firefighters)
Polution per square meter39
Health quality rank (according to WHO) Not available
Main religionProtestant